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Our Ethos

“Religion cannot be understood simply from the outside. It is like stained glass windows in the cathedrals and churches. You can see them from the outside and they are nothing, grey and colourless. You can see them from the inside and they are wonderful, full of life and colour. Unless they are understood as seen from the inside, religious dogmas and rituals seem grey and shapeless, if not absurd”.


As a Church Aided school we view Collective Worship as an integral part of our ethos, thus at Scissett First School Collective Worship is a daily event.

We have close links with our local church of St.Augustines and have regular visits from the Priest the Rev. J.Cousans who often takes our morning assemby. Please click here to go to the St.Augustines website. 


Our policy and practices are in accordance with the Education Reform Act (1988), which states that:

"All children in attendance at a maintained school shall on each school day take part in an act of collective worship………..collective worship should be wholly or mainly of a broadly Christian character”.

In addition, as a Church Aided Academy, we follow the Wakefield Diocesan Guidelines for Collective Worship.







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