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School Meals

Lunch Time

We are committed to healthy eating and regularly revise our healthy menus.  Our school holds the Kirklees and  the national Healthy Schools Award.  Children may have a cooked meal or they may bring a packed lunch.  Children should not continually change from one type of meal to another.  We do ask that they stay on the same type of meal arrangement for the remainder of the half-term before changing. 

The children are looked after by our lunchtime supervisors, Mrs Lister, Mrs Buckley, Mrs Horn, Mrs Conway and Mrs Sykes 

If a child persistently behaves badly, he/she may be asked to go home for lunch.  This would only happen in extreme circumstances following discussion with parents.

Head Cook: Lynne Leech

Photo Lynne Leech

Dinner Money

Dinner money for the week should be paid via ParentPay. The cost of dinner money is £11.00 per week (£2.20 per day). Please use the ParentPay link at the top of this page to pay for school meals. 

Packed Lunched

Parents are asked to ensure that packed lunches are healthy and nutritious. 

Children should bring their meal in a suitable container which is stored in the classroom. 
This should be clearly marked with his/her name. 
They may bring a cold drink in a plastic container and their own cup or beaker. 
No glass bottles, fizzy drinks, etc., should be in their lunch boxes. 
If the meal is not eaten at lunch time, it must not be eaten at any other time of day.

Chocolate bars and sweets should not be included.

The Tuck Shop

We offer a daily, healthy school tuck shop.  Pupils can buy a piece of fruit to eat at break time. Children in Key Stage 1 benefit from receiving a piece of free fruit every day under the national School Fruit Scheme.

School Meals Documentation

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