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What is the PTFA?

 The Parent Teacher and Friends Association's is an integral part of the school community that brings staff, parents and friends together socially in support of the school whilst raising funds. Funds raised are the “extras” not provided by the school budget, the money that is raised goes to the school to help with many things, like coaches for school trips, and buying equipment, all of which benefits the children, so its for a great cause! We hope to enhance the school community spirit that we already have, so we would love for you all to join in!

Contact email – scissettfirstptfa@live.co.uk


Members of the PTFA

Chair - Beth Anderson

Vice Chair - Hayley Parkes

Treasurer - Fran Buckley

Secretary - Hannah Butler

Other members -

Sophie Calvert, Clare Leonard, Frances Beever, Emma Brayford, Laura Jebson, Claire Anglim.

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