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Welcome to Walliams Class

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Class 4 Letters

Teacher: Mr Cunningham

Welcome to the Walliams Class pages. 

We are a class of 29 students, 1 teacher and 1 full time learning support assistant.  We are the Walliams Class.  We chose him as an author as he writes books which have made us laugh and he has done some amazing tasks to raise money to help others. Mr Cunningham is the class teacher.  He has been teaching for over 20 years and still enjoys it!!  He likes his class to work hard and to be the best that it can be.  He loves reading and music. Mrs Crowe is our assistant and she helps us learn and makes sure we are as organised as we can be.  She loves sport and is great at maths. Our aim this year is to be independent in our learning and to be fully organised for all of our tasks.  We aim to always respect others and to always try our best. This year we have an exciting year of learning with a different theme each half term.  Our themes are Sensational Sounds; Hurricanes and Tornadoes; Vicious Vikings; Mazing Molars; Radiant Rainforests and Awesome Animals. Our class is full of great characters.  We have Barney who is great at art, Caitlin who is an amazing cheerleader, Oscar who is great with his times tables, Jack P who is an amazing author, Georgia who is an amazing musician; Evan who is a great scientist and the list goes on and on. We hope to keep our pages updated with some of the great work that we have been producing and we are really excited by what the year will bring.

Update - Tuesday 10th October

Pop Art

Walliams class created Pop Art with onomatopoeic words which we experimented with.  We trialled design, played with colour and decided on best designs.  Some of our work is in the front entrance with our sound poems.  We hope you like them.






Musical Instruments

As part of our Sensational Sounds topic, we have researched and created our own musical instruments.  Our task was to create an instrument that could belong to at least 2 musical instrument families. There were some fantastic designs and I think it would be quite an orchestra if they were to play together.






Huddersfield Giant Rugby

In our first half term we have been really lucky to be trained by a real life rugby player!  We have been developing our ball skills, passing, concentration, running and most importantly … teamwork.  Ben said “I need a drink Mr Cunningham.  I’m exhausted!”  Let’s hope some of us will keep building on these skills all year. 


Update - Tuesday 19th September

Congratulations to Ollie and Millie who have so far been deserved Star of the Weeks.  Keep up the great work you two!!  They have been developing their growth brains really well.  Who else can fire up their neurons????


Sensational Sounds! 

Class Walliams have been working hard to read as a whole class – a skill which we have found tricky.  Here is our presentation of a poem we have been studying called The Sound Collector by Roger McGough. 



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